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"Dagon Exhibitions Limited & A ALL Coporation Pte Ltd" are arranging to hold "International Hospital & Healthcare 2020" at Sedona Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar from October 17 & 18, 2020 to be displayed in total efficiently about the international hospital, local hospital, medical services, the things relating with medical, medical services and companies.

This is an exhibition with the aims of supporting education and being known widely and effectively by the public about the local and international hospital , local hospital and medical services in this exhibition.

Moreover, job vacancy booths are included to help employers find skillful for the companies can also be searched in this exhibition.

This is an exhibition for the businessmen to get a success firmly by cooperating together with "Dagon Exhibitions Limited & AALL Coporation Pte Ltd" to get a chances and contact directly your schools and educational services by the public.

Warmly welcome to you who want to search your educational schools and job opportunities services from "Dagon Exhibitions Limited & AALL Coporation Pte Ltd" in the exhibition of "Global Education Expo 2019"

Note: 50% advance payment at the time of Booth booking.


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